The Watchu Experience
Patriot's Path Council's Trail to Philmont

You and your crew have completed the first phase of the Watchu Experience, Starting the Adventure.  Hopefully you have used these eight months to take care of financial matters, required training and team building.  Review pages 4 to 7 of your Crew Member and Parent Guide to evaluate where you and your crew are in your preparation for the adventure of Philmont.

The Watchu Experience has four remaining phases:

Each of these phases is described in more detail on pages 8 to 11 of your Crew Member and Parent Guide .

This Advisor Guide has been prepared to assist you in your responsibility to motivate, equip, and train your crew.  Use the guide as a framework for scheduling and executing the tasks and responsibilities required of Philmont advisors.  Those who do will find themselves and their crew fully prepared for the rugged challenge ahead.

The guide includes a Crew Preparation Checklist, an easy to follow timeline of all the steps necessary to prepare your crew for its Philmont adventure.  Checking off your accomplishments as you and your crew progress toward Philmont will keep you on track - on track with all Patriots’ Path Council, crew specific, and Philmont requirements.  These are summarized on your crew’s Watchu Passport

The Watchu Experience Web site, Watchu Grams, and Watchu Alerts are important companions to this guide.  The Web site has detailed information and instructions to assist you in executing your responsibilities as an advisor.  Watchu Grams, transmitted to you via e-mail on about a weekly basis, both supplement the information on the Web site and provide a trail for navigating through all of it.  Watchu Alerts will have the latest news and bulletins.

The Lead Advisor Conference, the four Advisor Briefings and the Watchu Mountain Adventure in May will be of great value to you, your crew, and your families.  It is expected that all advisors will attend all briefings and all crew members will attend the Watchu Mountain Adventure. 

Bringing all crew families into the Watchu Experience will give them an opportunity to participate in the adventure ahead and provide you with valuable assistance and resources.  Start now by gathering your crew families together for an exchange of information, an opportunity to address family questions and concerns, a discussion of required equipment, and a review of the important health and safety requirements detailed in Part D of the BSA Annual Health and Medical Record.