Crew Preparation Checklist

Check off items as they are completed to keep track of your progress.

Color codes for calendars:

    Advisor Briefings
    Alternative snow dates for the briefings
    Final payments due  
    Watchu Mountain Adventure weekend
    Philmont and travel dates
    WFA Fast Pass Deadline


The following items should have been completed or are being worked on.

Review the Crew Member and Parent Guide (provided at the February Orientation session).

Crew members  looking for financial assistance through Warren Wheeler Adventureships must file applications.

Scouts should be pursuing ways to help pay the cost of their Philmont trip – see Scouts Pay Their Way for suggestions.

September Lead Advisor Conference

June, August and October payments should have been made.

Set up a crew family e-mail network for sharing information.

* * * * *


November Advisor Briefing (note backup date)  

Prepare a Crew Development Calendar, which will vary crew to crew based on the crew members' prior Philmont and high adventure experience – see Sample Crew Development Calendar for the activities that should be included.

Hold first crew meeting, with parents, including showing the Youth Protection video.

* * * * *

Keep holiday gift giving in mind regarding The Four Expensive  Essentials of personal gear.

 * * * * *

January Advisor Briefing (note snow date)  

Distribute  the Philmont Health and Medical Record to  each  crew member, and go over the importance of getting a physical as soon as possible – see Philmont Medical Form – Example with Tips for common problems in completing it.

* * * * *

Review  prior year's  Philmont  TREKS - Itinerary Guide and Guidebook to Adventure and assist the crew in making preliminary choices of five itineraries which best suit their abilities and interests.

February payment due. 

* * * * *

Airlines Ticketing Information Form due

March Advisor Briefing (note snow date)  

Work on completing the requirements listed on the Watchu Passport to qualify for Fast Pass check-in at May's Watchu Mountain Adventure.

Review current year's TREKS - Itinerary Guide and Guidebook to Adventure when they arrive. Youth make final choice of the five itineraries that best match the crew's abilities and interests.

Prepare Trek Selection Worksheet and complete online Trek Selection Process.

Send Submit "Arrival Plans" online (or by post card to Philmont).

 * * * * *

April payment due, if necessary

Complete the requirements on the Watchu Passport to qualify for Fast Pass check-in at May's Watchu Mountain Adventure by the deadline. 

Youth members of crew select Crew Leader, Chaplain Aide, Wilderness Pledge Guia, and Crew Reporter.

Review each crew members' progress assembling all personal equipment listed in the Guidebook to Adventure.

Assemble all crew gear necessary for May's Watchu Mountain Adventure.

* * * * *

Watchu Mountain Adventure 

Work on eliminating all "gaps" in the crew's development identified during the Watchu Mountain Adventure.

Continue to work on completing any remaining requirements of the Watchu Passport.

 * * * * *


June Advisor and Crew Leader Briefing  (note backup date)  

Have Watchu Passport certified as complete.

Hold family gathering prior to departure to discuss travel arrangements and answer any last-minute questions.

Make plans for a crew reunion with the families after your return.

Travel Dates for Philmont Crews:

Depart for
Arrive at
Return to
New Jersey
628 June 26 June 28 July 10
630 June 28 June 30 July 12
712 July 10 July 12 July 24
714 July 12 July 14 July 26
716 July 14 July 16 July 28