Tips for a Great Trek

Years of preparing crews for Philmont have proved
the following are keys to a successful trek

  1. A Philmont crew is youth led – the Advisors’ responsibility is to prepare the youth to lead

  2. Each crew member must be in excellent physical condition. Body weight and blood pressure must be under control and well within the recommended ranges (not just below the limits). Of special importance is proper hydration – start now to improve your water drinking habits.

  3. Advisors must know the medical history of each crew member. Even before scheduling your physical, complete the self-history section of the Health and Medical Record, and give a copy of it and your most recent camp or sports physical to your crew advisor. As soon as your doctor has completed his portion, make a copy for your files, a copy to carry in your expedition tour bag, and give the original to your crew Advisor.

  4. It’s Not Just a Hike! Philmont are much more than a walk in the mountains – many find the backcountry programs, based on the environment created by nature and the spirit of the people who populated the country, to be a life altering experience.

  5. Hiking is a Team Sport! Consistently rated the top Watchu tip, everyone must be trained to be committed to the success of the entire crew and to ask at all times, "What can I do to make this hike a success for my crew mates?"