Uniform Fact Sheet

At Watchu events and while traveling: During all Advisor Briefings, May’s Watchu Mountain Adventure, on the day of departure, during the flight, throughout the entire Colorado tour, most of the first and last days at Philmont, and the entire return trip, all Patriots’ Path Council expedition members will be in full Official BSA (unofficially called Class A) Uniform, with no “look-alikes” or exceptions.

  • BSA shirt with Patriots’ Path Council expedition patch
  • BSA belt
  • BSA pants; short, long, or switchback … your choice
  • BSA socks; short or long … your choice
  • Boots … the boots you intend to hike in
  • Hat … good sun protection hat required, crew design optional
  • Neckerchief … not required, but crew design, unit, or Watchu is appropriate
  • Watchu name plate (required for advisors only)

When in Base Camp at Philmont: Council T-shirts, crew T-shirts, Philmont T-shirts, scout T-shirts, scout pants and crew hats (unofficially called Class B uniforms) are appropriate.  However, we expect all Patriots’ Path Philmont crews to dress in Official BSA Uniform for dinners, religious services, and both the Opening and Closing Campfires.

On the Trail:  Your dress will be trail clothing.  Until you return to Base Camp at the end of your trek you will be dressed for the trail.