Administrative check-in at the Watchu Mountain Adventure.

  Every major activity such a Philmont adventure requires a certain amount of paperwork and reference documents to complete administrative tasks and inform the participants.

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It's not too late for 2024! There are several openings in existing crews headed to Philmont this coming summer.  Contact Lisa Arcaro at 973-765-9322 x239 or Andrew Joiner at x252 for more information.

Patriots' Path units can apply by Friday, January 23, 2024 to participate in the selection process to allocate crew slots in the Philmont 2025 contingent. The selection process will occur on Tuesday, January 24, 2024 at the Patriots' Path Council office in Cedar Knolls at 7:00pm. Late applications, and those from outside of Patriots' Path Council will be placed on the wait list.

The crew applications for Philmont 2025 will be posted prior to November 2023.

Watchu Passport - lists all Patriots' Path and Philmont requirements

Other Forms

2024 Contingents, per person:



Due Date

Amount Due


At Time of application



April 15, 2023



June 15, 2023



August 15, 2023



October 15, 2023


5 January 15, 2024 $540
6 April 15, 2024 *



$3375 *

2024 Payment Coupons

2025 Contingents, per person:


Payment Due Date Amount Due
Deposit At time of Application $675
1 April 15,2024 $570
2 June 15,2024 $570
3 August 15,2024 $570
4 October 15,2024 $570
5 February 15,2025 $570
6 April 15,2025 (Only if needed)
Total $3525 *

A Thomas A. Pepe Adventurship may be available for financial assistance

Everything included in Your Watchu Experience fee.
Refund and Travel Policy for Patriots' Path High Adventure activities
* Note: Totals subject to adjustment (if necessary) due to fuel costs or other factors.